How to Apply and MyApp

To apply for admission to Appalachian, students must start by creating a account. After submitting an application, applicants will receive an email with login information for the MyApp portal. The MyApp portal is where applicants will receive information regarding their application, including missing application materials and an admission decision. Students admitted to Appalachian will use MyApp to confirm their enrollment and complete enrollment steps (registering for orientation, housing, classes, etc.).

Required of all applicants for a complete application

  • A complete online application (through
  • A non-refundable application fee of $55 (USD) – Appalachian accepts Official Application Fee Waivers from the College Board, ACT and National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC).
  • Official high school/secondary school transcript (transfer students, see information below)
  • Official test scores (transfer and international students, see information below)
  • Official college transcripts
  • Additional information if requested, upon submission of your application, by the Office of Admissions (This may include submitting a Criminal Background Check and Conduct Review as required by the UNC system.)
  • All applicants claiming to be a resident of North Carolina must request a residency determination through the Residency Determination Service (RDS)

Appalachian does not require nor recommend letters of recommendation for admission.

Recommended for first-year applicants

Your résumé should include work and volunteer experience, as well as any extracurricular involvement (see our example).

Personal statement

A personal statement gives us the ability to get to know you and assess your potential as an Appalachian student, beyond your grades and test scores. Please address any of following in the personal statement section of your MyApp portal.

  • What specifically about being a student at Appalachian State University will further your educational or career goals?
  • What influences (family history, culture, environment, education, etc.) have impacted you and how have they shaped who you are and who you will be at Appalachian?
  • How has your leadership, service, or other community engagement experience impacted you and how will it enable you to be successful at Appalachian?

You may also fulfill the requirement for a personal statement by addressing the following question in your scholarship application. Your response will appear in the personal statement section on your MyApp portal when you have completed it.

  • How has your family history, culture, environment, and/or education influenced who you are today and who you want to be in the future?

*Both the résumé and personal statement are submitted directly through your MyApp portal – hard copies and documents sent via email are not accepted. Edits may be made to these documents up to application deadlines.

Submit the application for merit scholarships, The Honors College and Watauga Residential College, as well as your application for admission to be considered for these opportunities.

The deadline for each fall term is November 15. Students entering Appalachian in the spring term must complete a scholarship application by September 22.

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Additional requirements and info

First-year applicants

First-year applicants haven't taken college courses after graduating high school or early/middle college.

Reading and math without the writing. The writing portion is neither required nor recommended at Appalachian. The Appalachian State University SAT code is: 5010.

Composite. The writing portion is neither required nor recommended at Appalachian. The Appalachian State University ACT code is: 3062. 

Although not required for a complete application, college transcripts often help us get a better picture of your academic preparation and often increase your competitiveness for admission.

All students applying to Appalachian that have earned or will earn an Associates of Science or Arts degree (AA/AS) upon graduating from a North Carolina cooperative innovative high school (also known as early or middle college) have the choice to be considered exempt from UNC Minimum Admission Requirements (MARs) like a transfer student is evaluated for admission. During your application, you will be asked if you plan on having an AA/AS upon your high school graduation.

If you respond yes to this question, we'll follow up in a few days with an email where you can indicate that you want to be exempt from UNC MARs. This email will explain the consequences of your choice to be considered exempt from UNC MARs or to be evaluated with UNC MARs. There are no consequences to selecting either option with respect to housing options, scholarship eligibility, or any other aspects of your college experience. Please note that you will be asked to submit test scores (ACT/SAT) for course placement purposes or scholarship eligibility, even if these are not used to evaluate you for admission.

Transfer applicants

Transfer applicants have taken college courses after graduating from a high school or early/middle college.

Official copies of these are required if you have fewer than 30 hours of transferable coursework earned or in progress at the time of your application.

Transcripts are required from each institution at which you have attempted credit. You should continue to send updated transcripts as grades are posted at the end of semesters to keep us up-to-date on transferable coursework.

The application deadline is March 15 for the fall and September 22 for the spring. Learn more and apply!

Military applicants

All active duty, national guard, reservists, veterans and retired military.
  • Copy of your DD214 or most current Leave and Earnings Statement (if active duty)
  • Official copy of your Joint Services Transcript
  • Official copy of your Final High School Transcript or equivalent if you will be under the age of 21 at the time of your enrollment
  • Official college transcript(s) if applicable
  • More information for military applicants.

International applicants

Students who need a visa to be in the United States.

We need all official high school/secondary school transcripts and academic records verifying successful completion of secondary education. If you have not yet graduated at the time of application, please send your most current official transcripts. If you attend(ed) a U.S. high school, the Minimum Course Requirements and other academic requirements of high school students apply. If you attend(ed) a high school outside of the U.S., we will evaluate your transcripts based on your academic competitiveness within your own educational system.

All international applicants must submit final official high school/secondary school transcripts. Students with a high school degree but no university credit will be considered as first-year students, and students with some university coursework will be considered transfer students. You must also submit official transcripts from all colleges or universities (post-secondary institutions) that you attend(ed).

If you are interested in transferring previous course credit from a foreign university to Appalachian, you must submit an international credit evaluation and course descriptions or syllabi (in English) in order to evaluate your credit. The following international credential evaluations are fine: World Education Services (, Educational Credential Evaluators (, Global Credential Evaluators (, National Association of Credential Evaluation Services ( or Josef Silny ( Transcripts without evaluations and course descriptions or syllabi are acceptable for admission purposes but will not be evaluated for possible transfer credit.

All international documents must be accompanied by official English translations if the originals are in another language (exception – high school transcripts in Spanish are acceptable), and all documents must be original/attested in order to be considered official. Faxes or photocopies are not acceptable unless certified by a Ministry of Education, school, or US embassy official and will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

All international applicants whose native language is not English must submit official test scores.  Either the SAT, ACT, TOEFL or IELTS are acceptable. The minimum TOEFL score needed in order to be considered for admission is 75 on the IBT (internet-based TOEFL), with at least 16 on each individual section, but preference is given to students with 85 and higher.  The minimum IELTS score needed in order to be considered for admission is 5.5 on the IELTS, but preference is given to students with 6.0 and higher.  Please note that admitted students who score between 75 and 85 on the TOEFL or 5.5 on the IELTS are required to register for LLC 1000 (English for International Students) during their first semester. Please find more information about the TOEFL at and about the IELTS at

International applicants who speak English natively must submit either SAT or ACT scores (exceptions – native speakers of English who have completed at least one full year of university coursework do not need to submit any of test scores).

Reading and math without the writing. The writing portion is neither required nor recommended at Appalachian. The Appalachian State University SAT code is: 5010.

Composite. The writing portion is neither required nor recommended at Appalachian. The Appalachian State University ACT code is: 3062. 

Non-resident aliens who hold a current and valid visa which allows them to study at the post-secondary level in the United States must send a copy of their visa and a copy of their passport with their application materials. They do not need to send a financial statement unless they hold an F-1.

Non-resident aliens who hold a current F-1 visa must send a copy of their visa, a copy of their passport, and a financial statement.

Permanent residents of the US who have lived in North Carolina for at least one year must submit a copy of their Green Card (front and back) in order to be eligible for in-state tuition. Please contact our residency officer at with questions regarding residency.

Non-resident aliens who need an I-20 form in order to obtain an F‑1 visa to enter and study in the United States must send a copy of their passport and a financial statement to the Office of International Education and Development after they have been admitted. Please contact or 828-262-2046 with questions about the financial statement. The financial statement must include the following:

  • a balance in U.S. dollars of at least $35,478.00 in liquid asset form (cash deposits, certificates of deposit, savings accounts, governmental funding, or scholarships);
  • the applicant's name and his or her parents' or sponsors' names (whoever is providing the funding);
  • an original signature of a bank official (the statement may not be a printout of an online statement);
  • it must be on bank letterhead and include the official stamp or seal of the bank; and
  • it must be an original document, not a photocopy or fax it must be in the student's name or accompanied by an affidavit of support


Transfer students are encouraged to apply before the suggested dates above to have the best chance for admission as well as numerous housing and scholarship opportunities. All transfer applicants are reviewed and receive decisions on a rolling basis, which means that applicants are reviewed and decisioned until the incoming class is full. It is recommended that transfer students complete applications for admission as early as possible. Transfer admission decisions are typically released within two to four weeks after completing the application.

Transfer applications are only reviewed when all required documents have been received. Students should send transcripts of completed credit and information on courses in progress via the MyApp portal. Admitted students must remain in good standing at their institution to maintain eligibility for admission.



Official application materials may be submitted electronically to or mailed to the address below:

The Office of Admissions
Appalachian State University
A.S.U. Box 32004
Boone, NC 28608-2004

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Frequently asked questions

Have a question? Check out our list of frequently asked questions. If you don't find the answer there, feel free to contact our office to speak with an admission counselor.