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Should you get a pet in college?

Being in college gives you a lot of independence that many college students seize as soon as they can. They stay out all night, eat what they want, an...

Tips for living with roommates

Going from living at home to living in a new town with new people can be challenging and difficult at any stage in life. However, upon entering colleg...

Soccer club

Coming from El Salvador, futbol (soccer) is passion for everyone. You support your team until the last minute, and going to the stadium to see your te...

Why I chose Appalachian

This is my first semester at App, and I've honestly never been happier with the decision I made in March to attend! Half-way through the fall semester...

Change brings opportunities

Change. One word that dives deep and evokes our innermost thoughts and emotions. The idea of change and adjustment can be overwhelming and often consu...

Advertising club is fresh

Appalachian State has many clubs that cater to all kinds of people and interests, especially particular majors. As a communication-advertising major w...

What is an RA – and what’s it like living in a dorm?

What is an RA – and what’s it like living in a dorm?

Hear it straight from the source – listen to the podcast! "We want to make sure that you are succeeding in your college experience, and you are getting the most out of it.” –Pooja Adial



“When you’ve got the number of faculty that we do living that sustainable life and demonstrating to our students, they realize it’s not just something we’re saying in the classroom – it’s in everything we do here. It’s part of who we are.” Watch the video.