Fee Waivers

There are a variety of ways to qualify for a fee waiver at App State. We encourage you to reach out to your admissions counselor to discuss your options. 

Application Fee Waiver Qualifications 

To be eligible for a fee waiver, you must meet one of the qualifications below.

  • I am eligible to receive a federal Pell grant.

  • I have received or am eligible to receive an ACT or SAT testing fee waiver.

  • I am enrolled in or am eligible to participate in the Federal Free or Reduced Price Lunch program (FRPL).

  • I am enrolled in a federal, state, or local program that aids students from low-income families (e.g., TRIO programs such as Upward Bound).

  • I can provide a supporting statement from a school official, college access counselor, financial aid officer, or community leader.

  • Other economic, family or personal circumstances.

Submission Instructions

We encourage applicants to speak with their high school/college counselor about fee waiver documentation. Officials from the High School or College can submit fee waiver documentation on behalf of applicants via Slate.org or processing@appstate.edu. Please provide the students full name in the email. 

Fee Waivers can be submitted through: 

  • Common App (First-year)

  • Slate.org (First-year)

  • Via Email to an App State Admissions representative or to processing@appstate.edu

We also accept documentation from: