Early College Graduates

Graduates from North Carolina Cooperative Innovative High Schools have an important decision to make when seeking admission to App State. According to House Bill 97 Section 11.16. (a) “any student who graduated from a cooperative innovative high school program with an associate degree and who applies for admission to the constituent institution has the option of being considered for admission as a freshman or as a transfer student.” You can see if your early college qualifies by reviewing the list of Cooperative Innovative High School Programs (PDF).

If you meet the criteria listed above, please consider the following information when selecting which applicant status you would like to be evaluated for in the admissions process.

Important Note: Cooperative Innovative Graduates will still be submitting a first-year application, but will be given a prompt in their MyMountaineer Portal to submit the required "Early College Choice Act Form" to select how they would prefer to be evaluated either with (first-year) or without (transfer) minimum admission requirements.

First-year Requirements

  • First-year (freshman) consideration includes an evaluation of all high school coursework, test scores (unless you are using a test waiver), as well as your college coursework. We will weigh both your high school and college coursework as we make an admission decision. To be considered for first-year admission, students must exceed the UNC System minimum admission requirements.

Transfer Requirements

  • Transfer consideration includes an evaluation of all college coursework which must meet our transfer admission requirements of a 2.25 cumulative college GPA and at least 24 hours of transferable credit; however, we still require applicants to submit high school transcripts and test scores unless you are using a test waiver.

Regardless of what criteria you select, all Early College Students will be:

  • Eligible to apply for first-year scholarships (must apply by the early action deadline (Nov.1) for admission)
  • Required to live on-campus 
  • Required to attend all first-year orientation activities