Student Blog

Philanthropy in Appalachian Sororities
Oct 3, 2018

When I first moved in at Appalachian State University, I knew I wanted to join Greek Life. I did not know many people at Appalachian and that’s why I went through recruitment. Once I was in recruitment, I learned about all the volunteer opportunities that came with being in a sorority.

Preparing for College
Oct 3, 2018

When I first received my acceptance letter from Appalachian State University I was overwhelmed with so many emotions. I was happy, excited and felt accomplished, but I also felt anxious and very nervous. I have always been a homebody.

Living On or Off Campus
Oct 3, 2018

College is not only the place where you get a higher education to better yourself and have better future, it is where you start making big life decisions by yourself. One of those major decisions will be have to be taken after your freshman year.

Themed Nights at Local Restaurants
Sep 24, 2018

Being a college student on a budget can be hard. Luckily, local Boone restaurants and bars make it easy to save money while enjoying amazing food and brews with friends! Local eateries have made it a point to set aside one day a week for discounted prices on all of the town’s best:

CrossFit in the Boone Community
Sep 11, 2018

The Boone community has a lot to offer in terms of fitness; however, a new trending fitness phenomenon has taken over in areas of the High Country. This phenomenon is a functional fitness program called CrossFit.

Road Tripping for Football Games
Sep 11, 2018

We are back on track for senior year! As much as I love Appalachian State University (ASU), everything must come to an end at some point. One way I show my love and support for this university is by supporting our football team. In previous years, we have won bowl games and conferences.

Study Habits Entering College
Sep 10, 2018

One of the hardest adjustments new students have to make when coming to college is learning how to deal with the workload that comes along with being a college student.

The Day I Moved into College from A Seniors Perspective
Sep 10, 2018

Here I am: a senior in college and I am facing graduation in a month, yet I remember move-in day like it was yesterday.  I know that even though it was four years ago, it seems impossible that these years went by so fast.

Apparel Design and Merchandising
Sep 10, 2018

I have always had a love for fashion and a mind for creativity. When it came to picking my major, it was simple: find something I enjoy doing and turning it into my dream major and one day my dream career.

Gyms of Appalachian
Sep 10, 2018

The first thing that on my checklist after coming to Appalachian State University  was finding a gym I could make my gym home. When I found out that Appalachian had more than one gym,  I was definitely excited!

Freshman Move-In Day!
Sep 10, 2018

August 17, 2015 was the day I looked forward to for a whole year; I sat in my high school classroom dreaming about what my college dorm room would be like. I can remember constantly texting my college roommate to get ideas of colors, furniture and decorations to bring to make our room the best...

Deciding Your Major
Sep 10, 2018

Deciding a major can be extremely overwhelming before coming to college. Your acceptance letters arrives, and the next thing you know, you are trying to map out the next four years of your life.

App State Library
Sep 10, 2018

The library at Appalachian State University is an increible building for studying, designing, creating projects, recording audio and video, renting books and learning about the history of the university. For me, it is the best place to study on campus.