Working an On-Campus Job

While attending college, budgeting is always something you must keep in mind. In order to sustain yourself while attending school, you most likely will have to find a job. This can be stressful and frustrating, especially with busy schedules/classes. An easy way to find employment during college is to work for the university on campus! Working on campus is an easy way to make connections and find a job that you will enjoy!

The first job that I ever had in Boone was at a sandwich restaurant. I would only work a few shifts a week, and my work schedule was always intruding on my school work. This was very frustrating, because I needed to make an income, but also make school a priority. Eventually, I resigned from the position at the sandwich shop and began searching for a job on campus. I heard from friends and associates that working on campus is a good job opportunity, so I immediately began contacting people around campus for open positions. I ended up finding a position within the office of admissions’ student call center. It was an incredibly easy and painless application process, and my supervisors were very communicative.

After submitting my application, all new employees attended a training day and learned the basics of the position and what our role would include. Once I began working within the call center, I realized how communicative everyone is. It makes working for the university much more appealing. Along with this, the university is very flexible with my work schedule, which enables me to have plenty of time to work on assignments and activities for the university. As a college student, my schedule changes weekly, so it is important that my work schedule can be flexible as well. Along with this, working on campus enables you to make new connections and greater enable your college experience. Working on campus is an extraordinary opportunity for any student!


Hunter Burkitt
Junior, communication studies

Published: Oct 17, 2018 4:44pm