Visiting the Blue Ridge Parkway

Boone is certainly one of North Carolina’s gems. It’s small town feel attracts visitors throughout every season, and it is easy to see why they keep coming back. Boone is surrounded by the Blue Ridge Parkway, which is a part of the Appalachian mountains. As a student at Appalachian State University, it is crucial to know some of the best hiking spots as well as places with the greatest views.

The first trail that comes to mind is Rough Ridge. Not only have you probably heard the name before, but I am sure we have all seen that iconic picture of people sitting on the very edge of one of the rocks on the trail. While it may be considered basic, it is a spot that gets better practically every time you visit. The hike is not rigorous at all, and the views are unbeatable. I would definitely recommend taking multiple trips to this spot on the parkway.

Another really great area, and one of my personal favorites, is Beacon Heights. Although it is a tad bit further on the parkway, it is a great spot for those wanting more of a walk than a hike. Beacon Heights is both safe and family friendly. It is a spot formed by several rock platforms and the perfect area to set up a picnic and relax.

There are plenty of places to explore on the parkway. From driving over the viaduct, to climbing the Moses Cone Fire Tower, Boone offers so many adventures to be had. I still find myself driving up and down the Blue Ridge Parkway looking for a new place to discover, even as a senior. Take the opportunity to tour the area, but don’t forget to stop and take in the view.

Rachel Jurney
Senior, marketing

Published: Oct 13, 2017 2:03pm