Three apps every college student needs

College students need a lot of things; arguably, one of the most important items is our phones. I once read that the technology on our phones currently is so good that one modern phone would have been able to launch the first NASA rocket to the moon and back. So, needless to say, our phones are capable of pretty much running our lives. With this being said, it is important to know what apps a college student should have to make their lives run more smoothly. I have come up with three essential apps all college students must have that don’t include social media.

The first app we all need to have is the weather app. I personally prefer the weather channel app, but they all will do the job just fine. As college students we need to know how to plan our days out, and weather often plays a big role in the decision of what you wear to class. Being the young adults we are, it is essential to know what the weather is going to be and how to plan accordingly.

The second essential app is Google Calendar. Appalachian State students all have a gmail account, so using those google applications is very beneficial. The calendar will sync to all devices; you can color code it, and it syncs to your gmail so you can save important dates. Having Google Calendar on your phone will help you keep track of your schedule and day-to-day tasks.

The third app is one I think every college student should have: Venmo. Venmo is efficient, time-saving and easy to use. If you have roomates, as many college students do, this app will save your life when it comes to paying bills or splitting the grocery money.

If you have these three apps, college life will be so much easier!


Taylor Burgess
Senior, nursing

Published: Feb 22, 2018 5:45pm