Studying in College

Studying in college is just like studying in high school, but you might have a heavier course load here. Good studying habits go a long way, especially in your college career because everyone wants to make good grades. So what should you do to study? What techniques help the most? What helps you make sure you’re ready? I don’t have all the answers, but here are some tips.

There are several different ways that most college students, including myself, use to study. Some students enjoy studying by themselves, but tutoring services here on campus are a tremendous help. Additionally, going to your professors just to ask questions about things you are confused about is helpful. Here are a few of my suggestions:

  1. Stay organized

  2. Have good notes and questions

  3. Don't overwork yourself.

When you stress yourself out, you’re less likely to do your best studying, and no one wants to fail a test.

Personally, I prefer to study alone first and then transition to a group. When I am studying by myself, I write everything down. I write on scratch sheets of notebook paper several times and transfer those notes onto flashcards. After that, I try to study with my peers so that we can share our thoughts on what we have studied so far. Sometimes I study with friends who are in my class or during study hours with my fraternity brothers. The transition between my independent studying to a group allows me to review what I have learned myself, ask questions and confirm my concerns, and help the other people in my group with something that I might know a little better than they do. Overall, studying is what you make of it. Taking time to study is crucial for any college course. Some study 30 minutes each day during the time leading up to the exam, while others just cram everything into their brain the night before. Everyone does something different. Find what’s best for you and stick to it!



Timothy Mills
Junior, accounting

Published: Mar 25, 2019 3:07pm