Picking Out a Great Roommate

As a first-year student, finding a roommate can often be a stressful process. Everyone wants to live with somebody they will get along with, and many people room with students they already know. Selecting a roommate you are compatible with is important. You may want to live with someone with similar values, hobbies, interests and sleep schedules as you. Keeping all of this in mind when selecting a roommate is important and will enable you to have a stress-free roommate experience.

Another option you have is to fill out a roommate application with information about yourself and select a random roommate. This is a great way to meet new people and potentially make fantastic friendships. When I was a freshman, this option is what I chose to do because I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and try to meet as many new people possible. I lived in Bowie Hall on the third floor with a diverse group of students. Upon meeting my roommate, I was pleasantly surprised how well we got along! We both were interested in the same hobbies, such as fly fishing, and we had similar personalities. I was very pleased with the turnout of choosing a random roommate, and my roommate is still one of my closest friends today!

To wrap things up, I want to encourage incoming students to step outside of their comfort zones and meet new people. The outcome of choosing a random roommate could surprise you, and it could be the first step to creating valuable relationships. I encourage you to get to know the people on your dorm halls, pick a random roommate and meet as many new people as possible your first year. It will make your college experience much more fulfilling!


Hunter Burkitt
Junior, communication studies

Published: Sep 27, 2018 4:33pm