Nail Your Job Interviews

I have had my share of good and bad interviews throughout my college career. For any job you want, whether it’s on campus, off campus, during the summer or postgraduate, college teaches you a lot about interviewers, even if you do not think so. Here are a few tips to take from college that will help prepare you for job interviews:

  1. A big tip is to stay calm. You are talking to people, not robots. Just like you teachers, interviewers are there to help make sure the process goes smoothly. Your teachers help coach you through the class and interviewers do the same.

  2. Study! Think of the interview like a test you really want to pass. Make sure you research and soak up as much information about the company to be prepared, just like an exam.

  3. Use your communication skills that you learned from the classroom. Just like presenting a project in the classroom, present yourself in the same manner. Pitch yourself like you are going to be graded on it. The interviewers want you to present yourself well, so they can remember you.

  4. Everyone makes mistakes in interviews, and it's about your recovery that makes you stand out.

  5. Another big thing interviewers like is for you to smile and be confident. This will help confirm them that you are the perfect candidate for the job.

  6. The good thing about Appalachian State University and the Boone community is that it is a great conversation starter. A lot of people love to hear about the snow, the nature and the Mountaineers. So bring it up at anytime.

  7. They major you choose basically sets you up for several of the technical interview questions that might be thrown your way. The big thing to take away from college when you are interviewing at different companies is that you are already prepared and you might not even know it.

These are some of the tips that I have translated from the classroom into my own interviewing experiences. Walk into the interview like you already have the position and it's yours to grab.



Timothy Mills

Junior, accounting

Published: Dec 3, 2018 5:07pm