Managing stress in college

When I was in high school, stress was something I was used to dealing with. Whether it was with work, school or balancing the two of them, I thought I was pretty good at handling my commitments and stress levels. Stress can be a dangerous thing for a person if they let it fester for too long and do not deal with it in the proper way. In high school, the environment is a little more structured, and you are exposed to a different environment than college. There are some temptations when you reach college that can increase your stress levels and prevent you from getting the healthy management you need. As a senior, I can say building these healthy practices early is extremely important; it will set you up for success for your entire life.

The following are some of the methods that have helped me get through the tough weeks, or when I just need to relax:

  • Journaling
  • Going on a walk 
  • Listening my favorite podcast
  • Doing a few yoga poses
  • Going to the gym
  • Watching an episode of my favorite show
  • Taking a few deep breaths
  • Spending time with your friends

These stress reduction methods have been incredibly helpful for me while I have been going through my college journey. They are healthy habits that have helped me relax and maintain a happy and positive mental state, and I will maintain these even after I graduate.


Elizabeth Faile
Senior, marketing

Published: Mar 8, 2018 10:51am