Job Searching at Appalachian

As a senior at Appalachian State University, I have experienced the stress of finding a job after a long four years of earning your degree. As a Walker College of Business (WCOB) student, I have access to numerous resources that help me search for a job. Every fall and spring semester, the WCOB puts on an event called “Business Connections.” During this event, the WCOB excuses classes for the day, allowing students to take full advantage of what the event has to offer. 80+ companies attend the event in hopes of recruiting some amazing Appalachian students!

Following the day of the event, WCOB provides empty rooms for multiple companies to facilitate student interviews. This is a great opportunity for students, because they do not have to miss classes or other obligations to interview at companies that are farther away. The Career Development Center (CDC) additionally provides events similar to the one WCOB provides. The CDC job fair usually includes a variety of industries from communications to health care. At each job fair, students can have their photo taken by a photographer for the their LinkedIn profiles. In addition, mock interviews, elevator pitches and workshops clinics weeks usually follow up the event!

I have earned an internship for the summer and am currently in the process of interviewing for full-time opportunities with companies that I met at the job fairs! I am honored to attend a university that values the success of students even after they graduate.

Taylor Foulk
Senior, marketing

Published: Oct 17, 2018 5:05pm