Going to Class at Appalachian

When I was a first year student at Appalachian State University, the most common thing my parents told me to do was go to class. They repeatedly told me that if I didn’t go to all of my classes, my grades would suffer and I would have no idea what was going on. In my head, I envisioned what my college classes would look like. I thought they would be in huge lecture halls with over one-hundred students that were taught by old, boring professors. I was pleasantly surprised when coming to Appalachian to find out that none of my classes were like that at all. Some classes were bigger than others, but for the most part there were no more than 25 people. My professors were always so knowledgeable and spoke so passionately about their subject.Taking college courses at Appalachian is an experience that is so unique from any other university.

Navigating Appalachian’s campus is fairly easy, because it is smaller than other campuses. The buildings are not confusing which makes it very easy for you to find your classes on the first day. The first class I attended at Appalachian was a government and political science class in I.G. Greer, which is predominantly filled with lecture classes. I assumed there would be so many students that I wouldn’t be able to find a seat. However, despite the fact that it was a lecture class, the class size was fairly small which seemed less intimidating. My professor taught the entire first lecture with interesting anecdotes and an interactive presentation that always motivated me to continue coming to class. My next course, my freshman seminar, had only about twenty students.

The small class sizes at Appalachian enrich your learning experience, because you have the opportunity to learn who your classmates. Additionally, you and your professor have the opportunity to get to know each other better. At Appalachian, you are not just a number or a person to fill a seat in a lecture hall. Appalachian does a wonderful job of putting their students first and ensuring they get the most out of their educational experience. Most professors go out of their way to provide assistance and guidance to students through office hours and their availability to set up appointments. The educational experience at Appalachian is like no other!

Hannah Emerson

Senior, history, secondary education

Published: Nov 28, 2018 6:07pm