Getting Involved in College

Although there are hundreds of clubs throughout Appalachian State University’s campus that you can join to occupy your time, sometimes it’s hard to find things related to your major that you want to be involved in. However, there are also many club options within your college that you may not know about! Every college on campus has a wide variety of club options that sometimes relate directly to your major, or even classes that you’re currently taking or interested in.

I myself struggled to find clubs that I was willing to devote time to along with my class schedule. However, I am currently involved in several clubs that are available through my college, the Walker College of Business. I was able to find organizations related directly to my minor, Appalachian Supply Chain Club, as well as clubs that interested me, American Marketing Association. You also have the option to venture out and become your college’s representative through the Student Body Government. This will allow you to personally benefit your college and give you amazing professional experience that you couldn’t  get anywhere else.

Aside from clubs, each college and major usually has unisex fraternities that you can join! These groups are solely there for people within the college that want to further their experience and education within a certain field. These give you insights that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to, and it looks great on a resume!


Evan Hager
Senior, business management 

Published: Oct 3, 2018 5:34pm