Finishing the Semester

The worst time of the year for college students is always the end of the semester. Your workload is through the roof, finals are right around the corner and stress levels are high. It is important to manage all of this stress in a positive way. Understanding how to cope with all of these things will enable students to finish the semester strong. It is important to keep calm and do your best!

Since all students are going to have very busy schedules, it is crucial to manage your time to the best of your ability. What I have found helps tremendously is to write out everything you have to complete by the end of the semester. Write out your papers, projects, tests and finals. Once you have written everything out, put them on your calendar, so you can see when everything is due. After this, designate certain days and times to work on each assignment. Spreading out all of your workload will limit the amount of stress you go through.

When it comes to finals, do not wait till the last minute to start studying! Utilizing sources such as Quizlet can help you become more productive while studying. You want to spread out the times you spend looking over notes, reading textbooks, etc. Being able to retain the information before the actual final will lead you to success.

While divvying up your workload is crucial, it is also important to limit your exposure to distractions. This means you may not want to study or work in your apartment/dorm. Instead, go onto campus and work in the Plemmons Student Union or the library! You will find that you will be much more productive and won’t be as tempted to goof off or waste valuable time. This may be a difficult task, so work hard during the day, so you can have a little bit of free time at night. Once again, time management is key. With all of this in mind, students can enable themselves to be as productive and successful as possible. Manage your time, divvy up your work and your semester will end smoothly!


Hunter Burkitt

Junior, communication studies

Published: Nov 28, 2018 6:05pm