On-Campus Study Spots

Coming to college is a big change from high school. There are many things that you do differently in college versus how you did them in high school. The biggest change for me were my study habits. I realized very quickly that I needed to focus a lot more and study harder in new ways than I was used to. The first step to studying is finding a good place to study. There are multiple places on Appalachian State University’s campus that are wonderful for studying. The first place is pretty obvious, Belk Library.

The library has four floors that you can choose from to study on. The first two floors and the fourth floor are floors that you can talk on so if you are doing a group project or studying with friends you are able to talk aloud. The third floor is the silent floor, you are not allowed to talk on this floor, it is completely silent for students that need this type of study environment. Aside from the library there is the connector lobby. The connector lobby is in between two dorms, Coltrane and Gardner. For the most part the connector lobby is quiet and they have group tables where you can study with friends.

The student union is also a great study spot. There are multiple rooms that are open for studying, but a few of my favorite ones are the Solarium and White Water Cafe. These two places are both pretty quiet and have low lighting which helps me focus more while studying for a big exam or writing a paper. Another place to study on campus, my personal favorite, is the college of education. The college of ed has multiple classrooms with desks and whiteboards. This is my favorite place to study, because sometimes I like to study alone, but in a big space where I can play my music out loud!

Breezy Howe
Senior, special education

Published: Oct 18, 2018 4:44pm