On Campus Jobs

When coming to college the first few questions I remember asking myself (3 years ago) was, “do I really need a job? Can I maintain school work, studying hours, extra curricular clubs and while making extra income to help out with my expenses?” The answer to all these questions, although, I was hesitant about taking a job, was YES. It is totally doable and highly recommended.

I found through my job search that the best job to be offered in Boone was an on-campus job. After watching many of my friends find jobs in the Boone community working until midnight or even later, having an unpredictable amount of tips they would receive when the night was over, or even being unsure that their boss would even schedule them, were all problems that I never faced with my on-campus job.

Here are just a few of the reasons why on-campus jobs are the best:

  • You rarely have to work weekends

  • You never work when the university is closed

  • Snow days for students are just about always a snow day for staff as well (which means off from work)!!!

We have a system for all Appalachian students to view the on-campus jobs available. This portal is called Handshake. We also have an office that is dedicated to serving student employees that are more than willing to assist students in finding jobs.

Jobs that are currently available include: University Recreation Department Supervisors for our off-campus camp location, Information Technology Help Desk, Work Study, Front Office Worker in Government and Justice Department, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Assistants, and a Lifeguard in Student Rec Center. These are just a few of the on-campus jobs available, so check out Handshake to learn more!

Taylor Foulk
Senior, marketing

Published: Apr 1, 2019 3:52pm