Adjusting to college life

Moving far away from home, not knowing a single soul in your new town, adjusting to college level classes and creating new friendships with complete strangers can seem daunting during those first few months of freshman year.

Although this is a redundant topic that might seem obvious, it is important to realize that adjusting to college takes time.  Yes, we all had this idea that freshman year would be full of new relationships with people who we instantly connected with; we dreamed we would meet other students with the same interests as us immediately after unpacking our door rooms. Not to say this is never the case, but this ideology of finding “your people” the minute you parents drop you off is somewhat unrealistic. Coming from someone who experienced this first-hand, adjusting to college can be tough.

This is not meant to discourage you, or make you feel intimidated or anxious about what college entails. Instead, I hope this prepares you and ignites a fire of excitement beneath you. College is a place where you can create your own beginning. It is the time where you can stretch outside of your comfort zone, get involved in the things that interest you and meet incredible new people. When you get plugged in, a whole new door is open to you: new friendships, new connections and new involvement in the community.

Appalachian State University is an amazing school with even better people.The university offers hundreds of clubs and organizations that appeal to diverse interests and values. Do not be discouraged if those friendships you have always dreamed of don’t happen instantly. From someone who didn’t fully feel adjusted to college until their second semester, keep pushing, keep striving to get involved, and continue making small connections. I know adjusting to college can be tough, but the fight is worth it (I promise)!

Jennings Cool
Junior, public relations 

Published: Oct 9, 2017 11:41am